Hi! I'm Eric,
Enterprise UXpert.
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Experienced UX Leader with a passion for user-centered design, design strategy, systems, and operations.

Yup, that's me.

I'm a full-service User Experience practitioner.
I like to think about the big picture.
I like to learn new things.
Most of all, I just like creating stuff. When I don't design user experiences, I take photographs, make music, build web sites, doodle, or scheme shooting a film. Heck, I even enjoy programming, because you still build something from nothing.
I like to think I have a sense of humor. Then again, I'm German, so it's all relative.

My professional interests currently revolve around:

  • Designing for AI/ML
  • Design Systems
  • Information Architecture
  • Scalable and Accessible Data Visualizations
  • Reactive, real-time UIs


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A brief history.

  • Cisco HQ

    since 08/2023

    Product Design Leader, Common Experiences

    Cisco, San Francisco, CA

    Leading a team of designers, engineers, and strategists to unify the user experience across internal and external applications running on the Cisco Observability platform.
    Spearheading the transition to a new Cisco design system.
    Developed a prototyping platform to accelerate prototype development for user testing and proof-of-concept generation.

  • Cisco SFO12 office

    12/2020 - 08/2023

    Director of Product Design

    Cisco AppDynamics, San Francisco, CA

    I led a large multi-geo design org in the full-stack observability space, consisting of product designers, user researchers, content designers, strategists, prototypers, and documentation writers.
    Under my leadership, we expanded the role of design to include platform design for a multi-product platform suite branded under the Cisco umbrella.

  • SF SoMa

    08/2019 - 12/2020

    Director of Design Technology

    Cisco AppDynamics, San Francisco, CA

    I led a team of Design Technologists, UX Designers, and Prototypers, supporting the Product Design and UI Engineering organizations with tools, guidelines, and systems.
    We improved product design efficiency by 10x by simplifying and automating laborious tasks and letting designers focus on the tough problems.
    I've established and lead a cross-functional accessibility group from a grass-roots effort to a company mandate.

  • SF Bay Bridge

    01/2017 - 08/2019

    Principal Product Experience Designer

    Cisco AppDynamics, San Francisco, CA

    I led the platform-wide user experience, creating elegant, scalable solutions to complex problems.
    I led the design for Dash Studio, a complete revamp of an enterprise grade dashboard authoring solution, and helped create a design system from scratch.

  • Oracle HQ


    Principal User Experience Designer

    Oracle, Redwood City, CA

    I took on the lead UX role for an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software and drove the design and usability efforts for both desktop and mobile platforms. As the UX designer and architect for enterprise-wide UX standards and patterns, I significantly increased UX component usage by development teams. I modernized and simplified the core user experience of Oracle Applications by generating designs prototypes for the common home experience and UI Shell of Oracle's new Simplified UI.

  • Toronto


    Senior Interaction Designer

    Oracle-Numetrix, Toronto, Canada

    I was the principal designer for two corporate business applications relating to Governance, Risks, and Compliance. I worked closely with strategy and development teams to evangelize UI design directions and resolve design tradeoffs and implementation issues, developed user models, and documented and maintained UI specifications.
    I produced storyboards, scenarios, flowcharts, wireframes, and interactive prototypes for desktop and mobile applications, and collaborated with usability engineers in research and usability testing.

  • Brr, it was cold there.


    Usability Analyst

    Oracle-Numetrix, Toronto, Canada

    During this time, I was intimately involved in all aspects of user experience for Oracle's business applications. I improved the usability of various products by conducting user research and evaluating the software with users and providing wireframes for redesigns.

  • Oracle


    Usability Engineer

    Oracle, Redwood City, CA

    After an internship with Oracle, I was hired full-time and helped product teams improve the usability of their applications by running several usability tests and providing quantitative and qualitative results and concrete design suggestions.

  • USD School of Medicine


    Graduate Assistant

    University of South Dakota

    As a graduate assistant for three different programs, I taught web development and other technology skills to University staff and faculty, designed the website, newsletters, and evaluation surveys for the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network, and worked as a research assistant in the Psychology department for various projects related to Human-Computer Interaction.

  • University of South Dakota


    University of South Dakota

    M.A. program, Human Factors. All coursework completed, thesis pending.
    B.A. Computer Science.

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